Azerbaijan Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence Lab was established under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transportation to set a roadmap for the development of artificial intelligence in Azerbaijan and for the agile management of the national AI activity and aptitude.


Our aim is to establish a platform for raising awareness, boosting research and development, and changing human-machine interaction through collaboration with other industry partners, innovative companies and academic institutions. This joint-venture will provide legal and financial support to foster the innovation ecosystem, increase productivity and create a win-win scenario for all contributors. We also plan to organize and participate in a range of extensive activities such as trainings, boot camps, webinars, conferences and targeted workshops to enhance engagement and fully exploit the AI opportunities in a long-run.


We aim to position ourselves at the forefront of the AI to lead the community with the state-of-art advances. However, we perceive that the essential component of our initiative is the education and training of the workforce. Our platform will resemble a versatile consortium aimed at enhancement of industry-academia partnership, for the improvement of R&D and talent development to cultivate the skills and capabilities necessary for the AI driven future. Our focus is on becoming a national access point and a hub for AI competence and infrastructure. We intend to build an AI that gets deployed in real world, tackles the ongoing challenges and applies advanced solutions.


  • Researching and identifying current organizational and social issues
  • Forming AI related policy proposals, strategies and concept
  • Establishing and implementing AI models and applications
  • Developing of NLP related Open Data platform
  • Providing trainings in AI and Big Data


We recognize the ethical challenges pervaded by the increased use AI applications, thus in an effort to become a more coherent and inclusive center and workplace, we will work hard to maintain a culture in which every member feels valued, supported and inspired to achieve individual and common goals, no matter what. We are committed to diversity, equality and transparency, and will strive to ensure effective learning opportunities with quality data, accessible training programs and feedback reviews.